• The Returning to Nature palette is developed by Norm Architects for Scandinavian colour and design house, Blēo.
    Returning to Nature by Norm Architects

    Understanding colour as a conduit for meaning, well being, and the longevity of design, Returning to Nature examines our relationship with colour cultivated over millennia in the embrace of nature. For nature, the master artist, paints a spectrum universally cherished across cultures and epochs. A palette of 23 colours that appeals to the innate sensibilities of our being, Returning to Nature seamlessly aligns with its surroundings, emanating an enduring, quiet beauty. These carefully assembled colours aim not only to transform spaces but to evoke emotions that resonate with the tranquillity and balance found in the natural world.

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    Portrait of Norm Architects for Scandinavian colour and design house, Blēo.

    Norm Architects is a multidisciplinary studio using design to enrich daily life. Founded in 2008, their practice is based on the belief that architecture, interior and product design can and should re-sensualise our lived environment. Guided by the essential and universal needs of body and mind to arrive at outcomes that feel as good as they look, they use natural materials, simple geometries and thoughtfully composed atmospheres to nurture all five human senses, support the human form, and provide enduring functionality. Merging Scandinavian traditions with an international perspective and cultural curiosity, Norm Architects creates site-specific spaces and objects defined by exceptional craft, beauty, and longevity.