• Safe Place by Yvonne Koné
    Safe Place by Yvonne Koné

    A warm welcome of colours that produces a sense of calm and expanse. Each of Yvonne Koné’s 15 colours are the product of intuition, mixed in her living room. The intent of Safe Place is to create a colour palette that receives you, embracing you with warmth when entering a space. The colours should make you feel at ease.

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    Portrait of designer Yvonne Koné for Scandinavian colour and design house, Blēo.

    Recognized for her architectural approach to form and craftsmanship, Yvonne Koné is one of Denmark’s preeminent designers. Known globally for her luxury namesake brand of leather goods and accessories (established in 2011), Yvonne Koné is currently launching her next chapter of work via YKWIP to focus in new fields of direction, colour, and interiors. Guided by an intuitive understanding of the world in all its imperfection, change, and contradiction, Yvonne Koné is inspired by creating sensory experiences that insist on their existence in subtle forms.