Blēo cares. Not just about what, but how we produce.

All our paints are 100% water-based, eco-friendly, non-toxic, low-VOC, and EU Ecolabel certified.

Our paints are made in Denmark by a local family-owned company, founded in 1892 and run by the third generation today. Our production uses the latest technology to minimize our impact on the planet. Since 1996, our manufacturing partner has been measuring and assessing the environmental impact of all their products and has been ISO 14001 certified ever since. Furthermore, they are ISO 45001 certified, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

We have a rigorous strategy in place to meet Blēo’s sustainability targets, with strict corporate policies for our products, employees, and business partners. In the simplest terms: our profitability will not come at the cost of people or the planet.

Conscious design

Blēo’s bag-in-a-box is our solution to the question of responsible and efficient packaging. It is composed of biodegradable, FSC-certified, and recycled materials. With a screw top that is easily opened and closed, the bag is airtight and protects the paint from dust and moisture. Our packaging is efficient for both transportation and storage, thereby reducing its carbon footprint. When you’ve used up your last drop of paint—which has a shelf life of up to two years after purchase—it is easy to dispose of and recycle.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

We are committed to creating a workenvironment for the future, and that starts with our employees. Blēo's success relies on the myriad strengths, qualifications, and interests of our teams. We will cultivate a culture of inclusion, equal opportunity, and respect—a place where everyone can show up as themselves. Diversity is essential in life and in business, and we will foster a place where it can thrive and grow.