• IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
  • IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
  • IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
  • IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
  • IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
  • IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
  • IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
  • IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility
    IN FA 07 Copper by Industrial Facility

    If copper were a wood it would be cedar. Both copper and cedar work together on an aesthetic and spiritual level. 

    Read more about Industrial Facility and London palette here.

    Why paint from Blēo?
    —Our colours are highly pigmented; some palettes include colours with specially developed pigments
    —The quality of our paints are best in class. Our world-leading visioniares would not accept anything else
    —Handcrafted in Copenhagen, Denmark
    —Our colours are extraordinary developed, each colour goes through an exacting process of testing, refinement, and quality control, before it emerges in its truest form - and a colour our visionaries will approve and put their name to
    —Water-based, eco-friendly, non-toxic, low-VOC, and EU Ecolabel certified
    —Odourless, also when applied
    —Our ULTRA MATTE and MATTE paints are very sturdy and easy to clean with a damp cloth
    —We fit the packaging to your needs. You can chose Blēo's paint-in-a-box or a traditionel bucket
    —Our bucket is available in 3 L, 5 L and 10 L
    —Our paint-in-box is available in 2 L and 5 L

    Our hand painted samples and 80 ML paint tests are available in our MATTE finish. If you have a wish for another finish, please email us: bleo@bleocollective.com.

    Regular price

    1 L of our paint covers approximately:

    — 9 m2, when painted in one layer
    — 4,5 m2, when painted in two layers
    — 3 m2, when painted in three layers 

    We recommend to use primer beneath your paint, when necessary. Read our guide here on when to use primer. Otherwise, two layers of paint are enough for the main part of our colours, unless otherwise stated above, in our product description. 

    Still in doubt? Write us an email at bleo@bleocollective.com and let us help you.

    London by Industrial Facility

    Industrial Facility rarely see colour in isolation—it is part of something, contextual. For things in the public or urban landscape, like a road barrier, pavement or a kerb, the purpose of the 'thing' can be so strong that its colour is almost invisible. Experienced in isolation, these colours can be repurposed, finding their intrinsic value. What is thought as utilitarian or ugly can take on a beauty all its own. This sums up Industrial Facility’s 10-colour palette London: a ‘resultant’ beauty (beauty that is not created but found) reveals something that was once unseen.

    Portrait of design-duo Industrial Facility for Scandinavian colour and design house, Blēo.

    London-based studio Industrial Facility was co-founded by designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin in 2002. Their progressive approach reflects both a thoughtful consideration of form and a singular understanding of contemporary life, creating beauty out of utility in the products, furniture and exhibitions they design. Industrial Facility aspire to work for industry in a way that improves the things we live with, not setting out to produce something different but rather something better. Things that will last, be effective and give satisfaction beyond what is called for by the product and the client. Their work are held in permanent collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Centre Pompidou, Paris, and the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Design Museum, London.

    Photo by Ben Anders.