A tribute to Josef Albers

For the collaboration with Blēo, the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation invited Ambra Medda of design consultancy AMO to curate a palette of colours. This first collection is derived from six of the original plates that appear in Interaction of Color; Josef Albers's masterwork in art education. After a process of rigorous testing and revision, more than 200 hues were reduced to a palette of 29 colours. The result is an exploration of the nuanced tones and energetic shades from the illustrations found in the book, all with a distinctive sense of energy. The Josef Albers Color Interactions Palette is an invitation to use and understand colours through one’s own senses, and to feel truly liberated in doing so.

"The Josef Albers Color Interactions Palette for Blēo celebrates the Albers approach — there are no bad combinations. Each shade holds its own power and richness"

— Nicholas Fox Weber, a friend of the Albers couple and executive director of the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation.

Every hue tells a story

For the Josef Albers Color Interactions campaign, shot in Copenhagen, Blēo brings Josef Albers's vision to life through dynamic installations. Six of the plates from Interaction of Color are translated into 29 paint colours, reinterpreted in playful, sculptural landscapes—a realm where colour transcends boundaries and invites interaction. Utilising vertical and horizontal handpainted boards, each measuring 230x100 cm, the campaign images involve the viewer—a direct appeal to explore and interact with colour and surface from multiple perspectives. 

Our perception of colour is a dance between light and context, a reflection that is both subjective and ephemeral. The campaign seeks to capture the essence of Albers's teachings, showcasing how colours converse and converge in ever-changing compositions. It is a captivating celebration of the innate subjectivity of colour.

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