• The Chronicles palette is developed by Halleroed for Scandinavian colour and design house, Blēo.
    Chronicles by Halleroed

    In Chronicles there is a contrast between nature-inspired hues and the indulgent feel of bold, strong colours. Consisting of 24 colours, the palette embodies the Swedish design duo’s intuitive mixing classic and contemporary, quiet and boisterous. These open up countless opportunities to achieve a poignant timelessness, always at the core of the couple’s interiors.

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    Portrait of design-duo Halleroed for Scandinavian colour and design house, Blēo.

    Halleroed designs spaces that tempt the observer. Natural stone, large wooden surfaces, muted light, and distinct forms are just a few of their many signatures. The Stockholm-based studio was founded by the cabinet-maker and architect Christian and Ruxandra Halleröd in 1998. Noble materials such as wood, metal, and stone elevated by immaculate craftsmanship forms the basis for the sculptural objects that define a Halleroed interior. Every project is developed in a unique manner with a deep understanding of its potential, interpreted in a physical environment.