Founded and based in Copenhagen, Blēo is a colour house informed by contemporary culture, philosophy, and research. We want to pioneer a new and conceptual approach to colour, built on an eclectic understanding of arts and science, quality, history and innovation. 

Blēo takes colour beyond the traditional boundaries of paint, working with an exhaustive list of today's most compelling artists, architects, and designers on distinctive and personal palettes that tells the story of a person, practice, or place.

Our colours and palettes

Blēo's colours are developed in close dialogue with our collaborators. Our visionaries each create a singular palette of colours that complement and speak to each other in infinite ways—from concept to context, chromaticity and intensity, to brilliance and tonality. 

Colour is a dynamic expression of light, atmosphere and environment, always defined by a context and the beholder. Blēo simplifies this complex nature by offering palettes that intuitively make sense together, each with 10-24 hues conceived to stand alone, or be effortlessly combined. 

All of our paints are produced locally in Copenhagen. Each colour goes through an exacting process of testing, refinement, and quality control in our Colour Lab, before it emerges in its truest form. 

Much more than paint 

Nonetheless, Blēo is much more than a paint brand. We are about emotions and experiences, aesthetics and thought, artistic integrity and a collective spirit. Our expertise lies in the minds and hands of our collaborators, from idea to production. 

Working with a roster of leaders in their own fields—artists, architects, designers, foundations, and institutions—we aspire to be groundbreaking in ours. Uninterested in building an extensive range, we believe in carefully selecting and curating our colours alongside the finest creative minds. All of them are colour experts in our view.

Firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design ethos and tradition, our distinctive colours reflect our commitment to quality, simplicity, and seeing anew.