Choose sheen in paint

‘Sheen’ describes the gloss level of a surface. The gloss level determines how much light is reflected from a surface. Whether a surface looks very glossy or the opposite; very matt. Sheen is measured using a device, ‘a gloss-meter’ which is sensitive to the reflection of light. Sheen is usually enumerated on a spectrum from 0 (no gloss) to 100 (mirror-like). 

Glossy materials
Examples of materials that are very glossy and therefore highly reflective, could be mirrors, newly painted cars, varnished wooden ships, lip gloss or a glazed donut. The  sheen reflects the light and highlights all details of the material. High gloss paint therefore works well to highlight beautiful details such as wooded trims and doors, but it also makes visible all the imperfections; an uneven surface, old nail holes and minor cracks in a wall. 

Matte materials 
Very matt materials absorb and soak up the light, rather than reflect it. Examples of very matt materials are eggshells, flour, face powder or a soft velvety couch. Matt surfaces appear almost soft to the touch and velvety, and help diminish and hide textures and blur imperfections. 


Blēo offers 4 sheens

  • ULTRA MATTE: Sheen level 0-1. Goes also under names such as flat or dead flat. 

  • MATTE: Sheen level 6. 

  • GLOSS: Sheen level 50. Goes also under names such as semi-gloss, satin, medium luster or pearl.  

  • HIGH GLOSS: Sheen level 80. 


If you are painting: 

  • Ceilings 
  • Stucco
  • Formal living rooms 
  • Living rooms 
  • Dining rooms 
  • Kids bedrooms
  • Adult bedrooms

We recommend using Blēo ULTRA MATTE or MATTE 


If you are painting: 

  • Wooden trims such as baseboards, panel wainscoting and indoor window frames
  • Indoor doors
  • Closet and kitchen cabinets 
  • Kitchen walls
  • Bathroom walls that are outside of the wet zone
  • Wooden furniture 
We recommend using Blēo GLOSS or HIGH GLOSS 


You might hear that matte paint cannot be cleaned - it can.    

The level of gloss is determined by how many resins and pigments are in the paint. Matte paint has few resins, whereas glossy paint has many.  

Matte paint dries up very powdery, and therefore dead flat paints have traditionally been very vulnerable to rubbing, to water and heavy duty use.  The special formula of Blēo ULTRA MATTE and MATTE makes it sturdy and resistant to most rub marks, just as it can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.  

High gloss, on the contrary, dries up hard, almost as a lacquered surface. Blēo GLOSS and HIGH GLOSS is sturdy and can easily be rubbed and cleaned with a damp to wet cloth, just as it is less prone to rub marks and tear from daily traffic.