Inga Sempé — La Casa Imperfetta. Exhibition at Triennale di Milano

Inga Sempé — La Casa Imperfetta. Exhibition at Triennale di Milano

Inga Sempé. La Casa Imperfetta.
Exhibition - Triennale di Milano
April 15 - September 15, 2024
Curated by: Marco Sammicheli
Exhibition design: Studio A/C et Inga Sempé

Lamps, tables, chairs, beds, paint colours, showers, trays, mirrors, rugs and door handles: the French designer Inga Sempé focuses her research on everyday domestic objects and their industrial production. The Design Platform—a space inside the Museo del Design Italiano dedicated to exploring key themes and figures of contemporary design—is transformed into a home, made to scale. The immersive and multisensory exhibition itinerary takes us into the rooms of a house that looks as if it has been lived in right up until moments before the exhibition opened. Sempé's exhibition condenses the aesthetic as well as the complexities of her work into an exhibition you can touch and feel.

Within this domestic setting, the designer’s curious mechanics and colorful functionality are revealed through her projects, objects and designs, alongside works by international artists, while we are invited to try out everyday actions in the spaces, such as reading a book on the sofas or turning the lights on and off; in that way, we too can leave our mark on the “imperfect home”, full of timeless objects.

Photo by Lea Anouchinsky and Gianluca Di Ioia.

Experience Inga Sempé's IN SE 09 Amande, IN SE 12 Seiche, IN SE 13 Blanquette, and IN SE 15 Assiette Cassée at the exhibtion.